Thank you for your service!

Many generations in my family and my husband’s served our country and contributed to the freedom we enjoy: France (WWI-grandfathers / uncles), Italy / Germany (WWII-fathers / uncles), Vietnam (husband). It would be an honor to use my passion and expertise to create job-search documentation for you.

Preparing a resume to enter the workforce after a military career means uncovering honed skills that transfer to the workplace. For instance, an aircraft mechanic who ensures that a plane’s parts work properly could potentially transfer to developing synergistic teams.

The resume package includes …

  • Achievement Branding & Coaching ($250 value)
  • Communication & Behavioral Strength Report: Career Management DISCstyles® Report ($97 value)*T%7b%60O2E==R

For those considering the Career Management DISCstyles® Report, we are giving you the following document as recommended reading so you know what to expect when taking the report: Career Management Report.doc

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