Mid-level Professional

A mid-career resume (between 10-25 yrs) highlights quantifiable achievements and transferable skills gleaned in a profession that specifically matches a targeted position.

  • Are you bored and ready for a career change because you aren’t challenged anymore?
  • Do you need a resume for an in-house promotion?
  • Do you want to move to a completely different industry and have no idea where to begin?
  • Do you need an updated resume for opportunities that may arise?
  • Do you need a networking resume?
  • How many years of past experience and achievements should you include on your resume?
  • Have you been laid off after years of employment and need a resume?

Information Technology – Laid-off Employee

TORI Nominee – 2018

Sales & Marketing Leadership – Sports Background

TORI Nominee – 2015

Sales & Marketing – Professional Assistant / Revenue Architect

2nd Place TORI – 2012

Law Enforcement – Security Industry

1st Place PARW

The $1,275 resume package includes …

  • Customized Mid-level Professional Resume
  • Achievement Branding & Coaching ($250 value)
  • Choose 1: Communication & Behavioral Strength Report

Sales Strength DISCstyles® Report ($97 value)



Resume & Cover Letter DISCstyles® Report ($97 value)


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