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As a professor in various universities and colleges, I focused initially on writing resumes for students. After a couple of years and several awards, a colleague encouraged me to write resumes for Executives.

It turned out to be a career industry highlight working with clients in companies such as Universal Studios, Walt Disney, General Electric, Hyatt, Wyndham International, Marriott, NASA, Marathon Oil, Ernst & Young, Eli Lilly, and the Cleveland Guardians. The experience led to awards in Career Directors International’s (CDI) Executive category and, after determining that no matter a client’s level, each had his/her set of transferable skills and quantifiable achievements.

While it often takes “digging for diamonds” to help college students understand who they are and what value they bring to an employer’s table, Executives know exactly who they are and the unique promise of value they provide … proven by a portfolio of quantifiable accomplishments.

TRUST is a big factor when working with Executives. Once the information changes hands, it’s up to our team to create an analytical work of art … in words. The black and white text paints a picture for the reader that tells a story within seconds!

The resume package includes …

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