Gifts for the Jobseeker


What better gift than the “gift of support” to channel a jobseeker toward his / her career next steps?

  • Does your new graduate need direction in developing job-search documentation? Does he / she need to build overall confidence for interviews to match who they are on paper?
  • Do you know an individual transitioning from the military to the corporate world?
  • Do you know someone making a career transition?
  • Has someone been laid off or unemployed for a lengthy period of time and needs a “hand up”?

Graduating students often need guidance when it comes to preparing for career next steps. They are busy or they procrastinate before graduation and have no idea where to begin. After the investment of time and money on an education—traditional or non-traditional—it makes sense to invest in a professional who will create documentation that demonstrates the new grad’s immediate value to a prospective employer.

Career-change documents are the hardest to write, and it’s no wonder that a person changing careers is lost in this process. Overwhelming circumstances or even a planned choice to make a career move, lead to questions such as …

  • Where do I begin?
  • What information do I include from my past job for the new target?
  • Should I just include everything I’ve done in my career?
  • Should I write a generic resume and blast it to numerous places out of desperation?
  • How do I manage career gaps due to layoffs or downsizing?

Book an appointment with Sharon if you need to discuss how to give the "best gift of all" to a college graduate or an individual who needs professional guidance