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JobRockit is a full-service resume portfolio builder brand. We’ll listen to your needs and ask the right questions to find out exactly who you are and build a personal brand from your achievements that engages the reader. After finding your competitive edge, we will continue our collaboration to create industry-appropriate, eye-catching documents built to boost your chances for employment. JobRockit's Premier 5-D Process® is KEY to evaluating and positioning you as the best candidate for a targeted position.

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Telling Your Story

Whether you are a new graduate, mid-level professional, executive, or career-change client, we gather the right information first to craft documentation that elevates your unique promise of value and brand presence to expand your success. Rely on us for career storytelling with a competitive edge throughout the entire development process that includes …

  • Achievement Branding & Coaching
  • Resume Building
  • Targeted Cover Letters
  • LinkedIn Profile Summaries
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Why Choose Us

With 20 years’ experience, JobRockit is dedicated to offering comprehensive and outstanding services to clients. We design visually appealing and nontraditional documents that consistently receive Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI) awards from Career Directors International. Holding 57 prestigious nominations and awards in one hand and unique professional credentials in the other, JobRockit is an industry standout and has mentored advanced résumé writers who also won TORI awards!

Beyond industry-related awards… at JobRockit, the most-coveted award is the one we receive when a client returns to prepare for his/her next career move. We are invested in the long game of client success. Return clients and client referrals are the best rewards! JobRockit clients have landed positions in esteemed companies such as Universal Studios, Walt Disney, General Electric, Hyatt, Wyndham International, Marriott, NASA, Marathon Oil, Ernst & Young, Eli Lilly, and the Cleveland Guardians … to name a few.

Our team is here 24/7 to “tell your story” by gathering the right information, crafting impactful documentation, and elevating your value and brand presence to expand your success.

Process Makes Perfect

The JobRockit Premier 5-D Process® is streamlined to gather “the right information first” and to collaborate with you during document development. Whether the “good, bad, or the ugly,” you are IN the process from start to finish! Using our signature Premier 5-D Process®, we are able to analyze a client down to a science regarding transferable skills and performance achievements as they apply to a targeted position.

This process has proven to determine an individual’s “unique promise of value” no matter the level—new graduate, mid-level professional, executive—and not only, but clients also gain a tremendous amount of confidence for interviews throughout our partnership. So much so, that we coach our clients that they are the ones doing the interviewing to determine if the company is where they want to work!

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