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DISC on Demand – Resume / Cover Letter

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As college educators, we understand this audience! Graduating students have busy schedules and often need guidance when it comes to developing job-search documentation. They ask questions such as …

  • Should my resume be only one page? Is it acceptable to have two pages?
  • How do I quantify my achievements? What if my achievements are hard to quantify?
  • What are soft skills? How do I include soft skills on a resume?
  • Does a resume need to be targeted, or can I write a generic resume?
  • Do I need a cover letter? If so, where do I begin to write it?
  • What do I need if my resume goes through an applicant tracking system?
  • When should I send out a resume for an internship?
  • When should I send out resumes prior to graduation?

Let us answer all of these questions and allay the unknown to prepare documents that prove why you are the right candidate for your targeted position.

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DISC on Demand – Resume / Cover Letter

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