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Our team is here 24/7 to “tell your story” by gathering the right information, crafting impactful documentation, and elevating your value and brand presence to expand your success.
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A great deal of effort goes into the self-reflection process to create documentation that is branded, achievement-laden, and targeted. JobRockit's "Five-Step Discovery Process is streamlined to uncover not only quantifiable achievements, but also "stories" (life experiences) that showcase who you are and reflect the unique promise of value you bring to your next employer.
A good process leads to a good product - one that gains momentum in your targeted search where benefits are gained by the "right match." Abraham Lincoln said, "If I had 8 hours to cut down a tree, I'd spend 6 hours sharpening my ax." JobRockit's analytical process is KEY in evaluating how to position you as the best candidate!
This is where the analyzation process meets the creative process! The hard part is over and now the fun begins as words are crafted to tell your story infused with differentiation, branding, and passion. You will be included in this process from rough draft to final document. Once you see the initial format and clearly understand the vision, bells and whistles will sound off for deeper personal and professional reflection.
As promised, your customized documentation will be sent via email within the timeline determined during our initial conversation.


Expert resume services around the globe for Executives
Process Makes Perfect
Creative Solutions Writer. Powerful Documentation. Proven Excellence. Passion.

The JobRockit Approach

First, it is important to know where you will use your resume ... what targeted position ... what industry. Instead of a two-hour intake session or lengthy worksheets, we request an old resume to gain an overview of your past and to gather factual information (education, address, dates of employment). If you do not have an old resume, that's ok, too.

Second, JobRockit's simplified career worksheets will be sent via email. They require a great deal of thought. A resume is like a research paper-it's only as good as the information gathered. When you work with us, you will be very involved in the process. Therefore, the following two questions on the worksheets not only provide the background for what makes you "the best candidate for the position," but also prepare you to ramp an interview to another level. How? Because we develop your resume like it IS an interview!


Greatest Accomplishments
What are your Top 10 Greatest Accomplishments? (quantify as much as possible ... and, by the way, not all achievements are work-related, e.g., you could have traveled extensively, coached numerous community sports teams, run in 5Ks or marathons, climbed mountains, or dedicated many hours to fundraisers). Let us decide what is resume-worthy to showcase a well-rounded, accomplished, passionate, and motivated individual!
Provide 3-5 CAR (challenge-action-result) scenarios that tell HOW you achieve great things. This collection of data "tells your story" and provides the transferable skills required to position you for a specific target. Interviews are most often based on a behavioral approach ("Tell us about a time when you ...") so, by the time you step into the interview, you are MORE than ready to affirm your professional value and will be interviewing to determine if it's where you want to work!

Third, once you have submitted your old resume and the JobRockit worksheets, we have enough preliminary information to create resume draft #1-whether good, bad, or ugly! Now, here's where you come into the process again. We email draft #1 for your review of the content, format, and strategy to clearly understand the vision, allowing for deeper personal and professional reflection. Then, we schedule a time to discuss additions / edits / 'aha!' moments and, by the 2nd draft, the master resume begins to unfold with your unique promise of value for a position you have worked hard for ... and deserve!

What is most important to know is that no matter if we are writing documentation for college students, mid-level professionals, or Executives, the process is the same-to showcase transferable skills and quantifiable achievements, and tell "life experiences" as they apply to the requirements of a specific job target. While the process seems fairly straight forward, it is the analysis of the information that can be challenging while creating visually appealing, compelling text, and graphs that grab HR's attention within seconds.


Client: How long does it take to receive the 1st draft?
Once your documents are received (old resume, career worksheets, company evaluations, etc.) along with the investment, your 1st draft will arrive via email within approximately 14 business days. A tighter deadline can also be discussed.
Client: What is the investment and how do I pay?
Your investment is based on the complexity of the project and level of experience. With a proven track record as an industry leader, the investment is due prior to document development. You can send a check or money order by snail mail (provided via email), or use PayPal (which will include an additional fee of 3%). Keep in mind that the project begins after the investment and career worksheets are received and will be delivered within approximately 14 business days from that date.
JobRockit, 2X award-winning "Best Executive Resume" writer
showcasing your passion and value for a position that you have worked hard for ... and deserve
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Creative, Analytical, and POWERFUL resume writing
Numerous awards in multiple catagories.
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The power behind YOUR success!

Sharon Williams
Internationally recognized expert in the career document development for self-directed jobseekers.

Reputation for Excellence We create success for jobseekers by crafting valuable documentation content that positions our clients as leaders in their field. Executives and professionals seeking next-level careers have landed positions in prestigious companies such as Universal Studios, Walt Disney, General Electric, Hyatt, Wyndham International, Marriott, Cleveland Clinic, US Air Force, Marathon Oil, Marathon Petroleum, Ameritrade, Ernst & Young, and the Cleveland Indians to name a few.


If you are reading this, odds are you have already heard about JobRockit!

Creative and leading-edge job-search documentation led to a history of accolades that continually inspires "client trust" around the globe. Over the last 15 years, JobRockit achieved this professional level exclusively by word-of-mouth referrals and numerous Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI) awards from Career Directors International & the Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches.
Developing interview-landing documentation begins with finding the right team for you. If you are ready to invest in a new job-search experience, you are in the right place!
Linked In says it all for this section


Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARW/CC) Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARW/CC) Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARW/CC) Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches (PARW/CC)
2002 Best Law Enforcement / Security Industry Resume 2002 Most Creative Resume 2003 Most Creative Resume 2003 Most Creative Cover Letter
Career Directors International Career Directors International Career Directors International Career Directors International
2006 Best Creative Resume 2006 Best Executive Resume 2007 Best Cover Letter 2007 Best New Graduate Resume
Career Directors International Career Directors International Career Directors International Career Directors International
2008 Best Cover Letter
1st Place Award
2008 Best Executive Resume 2010 Resume Competition Judge 2012 Best Sales Resume
2nd Place Award
Career Directors International Career Directors International Career Directors International 2008 World's Best Resume Writer
2015 Best Healthcare Resume
2015 Best Sales Resume
2015 Best Healthcare Resume
Professional Choice Award
2nd Place Award Nominee Nominee 1st Place Award


JobRockit Accolades
U.S. Highly Decorated TORI Award Winner   BSBA and MEd from Bowling Green State University

Career Directors International

Earned a grand total of 49 awards, nominations, and honors from Career Directors International and the Professional Resume Writers Association for "Best Resumes & Cover Letters"
  Attended 29 National conferences in 15 years
Hold first-ever "World's Best Resume Writer"  
50% of the time as a Presenter of Career-Related Topics

Designation - Professional Vote (CDI)

World's Best Resume Writer (WBRW), 1st Place - 2008, Career Directors International

  Member of Career Directors International

2004 – Present

Five 1st-Place awards for "Best Resume" and "Cover Letter"   Lifetime Achievement Award - 2013
Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches
Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)   Master Resume Writer (MRW) - 2013
Certification earned with PARW in 2001
  Published in 15+ books.
About the TORI Award


Each year, CDI hosts the resume writing industry's most prestigious Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI) award competition to find the best-of-the-best professional resumes written for different categories. The competition is judged by certified and award-winning resume writers to identify the top nominees in each category. Since 2004, I have led the industry with nominations and awards.

CDI offers a distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award to any career or resume professional who attains excellence through industry longevity, contribution, and lifelong learning. Sharon Williams received the Career Directors International Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013. Few individuals have achieved this distinction.

CDI's President Laura DeCarlo, proudly states, "While winning a TORI Award represents the pinnacle of resume writing expertise within the industry, nomination for a TORI is one of the most prestigious honors a resume writer can achieve. Being recognized as "one of the best" by your peers is an accolade that very few get to savor. We are proud to introduce the TORI Awards to the resume writing and careers industry because it highlights the work of members in our industry that so often get overlooked."

Career Directors International is raising the bar and setting new standards for resume writers and career coaches. With 500+ members, the organization provides continuing education, testing, and coaching for professional resume writers and career coaches worldwide.


About CDI   About CPRW


CDI embarked on a unique competition in 2008 to find the World’s Best Resume Writers!

The competition was open to any English-writing individual in the world who wanted to try his/her hand at professional resume writing. The competition was standardized by providing all candidates the same notes and files. Two separate competitions were held with industry professional judges and the general public.

Sharon Williams holds the first-ever "World's Best Resume Writer" Award - Professional Vote.

Click Here to visit CDI

The Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches was founded in January of 1990. Prior to that time, there had been no association for career professionals to exchange information, enhance their skills, or demonstrate their commitment to providing professional services to the general public. Today, those who display the association's logo affirm their dedication to excellence in meeting client career goals. In addition, many members then choose to seek certification to further affirm their expertise as career professional.

Services and Packages
Get-Hired Packages
New Graduates Mid-Level Professional Executive
Branded Expert Resume $757 $1097-$1497 $1500+
Cover Letter $150 $175 $195
SEO-Optimized Linked In Profile and Summary $997 $997 $997
Executive Biography     $325
Search Support: Targeted VC/PE Firms Distribution   $245 $245
Search Support: Targeted Recruiter Distribution   $245 $245
Cover Letter
Linked In  
Internet coaching    
Career Coach      
Salary Negotiations        
Why Hire JobRockit?
As multi-award winning, expert resume writers, we ...
partner with you to define and/or elevate your overall brand for increased earning potential.
analyze clients down to a science regarding transferable skills and performance statistics to create a one-page "networking resume" (World's Best Resume Writer, Professional Vote).

streamline the collaboration process with a unique JobRockit approach to gathering "the right information ... first" including you in the document development process from start to finish.

develop cover letters that "sell it from the heart" in a persuasive business format (5x-award winner).

rethink how to deliver resume content to "tell your story" infused with differentiation, branding, and passion so the attention of hiring managers and recruiters is captured within seconds!
boost confidence for client interviews by writing a resume that IS the interview!
design visually appealing, non-traditional documentation that consistently receives TORI awards and comments like, "I've never seen a resume like this before!"
teach clients how to win a second interview or job offer in the last 3 minutes of the interview
craft modular resumes (stand-alone pages) customized for those considering a career change, but who may decide to stay in a current position. This innovative format eliminates the need for two different resumes.

JobRockit holds prestigious awards and professional credentials unparalleled to many in the careers industry.
  Questions, Comments, or Inquiries?  
Many generations in my family and my husband's served our country in France (WWI-grandfathers/uncles), Italy/Germany (WWI-fathers/uncles), Vietnam (husband), and it would be an honor and a pleasure to use my passion and expertise to create job search documentation for veterans    
Mentor Testimonials   Client Testimonials

"Working in an environment where we've got the support of a terrific team and the awesome leadership of Sharon Williams has made JobRockit an instant success."

- Kris Plantrich


"I learn amazing formatting 'tricks' in regard to creating more electrifying visual documents that really 'pop'..."

- Michael Kranes Owner, Resume Slayer


"The chance to learn from the best doesn't come every day - talk about good energy coming together!"

- Darlene Craven


"I can't say enough about the vivacious, creative, and talented Sharon Williams. Her training and guidance has impacted my writing and my business in ways I never dreamed!"

- Erin Kennedy


"Sharon is a true visionary who sees that we are not competitors, we are Career Super Hero's who arediligently focused on helping job seekers realize their goals."

- Darlene M. Dassy, BBA, CERW, CARW; Dynamic Resume Solutions (Sinking Spring, PA)




"I went on my third interview today & by the time I got home they had already called and offered me the job! I started my new job & love love it! ... This job is opening so many doors for me!"

- Kristy Higgens


The interviewer was very, very impressed with the resume and other documentation. I can't thank you enough."

J.K., Manager-Enterprise Data Sales, Verizon Communications


Sharon is able to take a raw collection of data and turn it into a masterpiece. She knows how to bring the most important components of a client's body of work to the forefront so they stand out loud and clear to even the busiest prospective employer. I highly recommend her work.

S.E., General Manager, Marriott


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